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Real HUDs for X-Plane-Now in 32 & 64-bit Versions!

Fly Real HUDs Bizjet HUD Approach

Day and all weather flight symbology include details such as DME distance, glide-slope indications and even radar altimeter.

FlyRealHUDs.com is providing the first real Head-Up Displays for the simulator world, not bound by the art of the past.  HUDs are now in all modern aircraft, real pilots fly them every day – why not be able to see and test your skill with the latest in flight deck operations for aircraft of all types? Challenged by the need for a real HUD and systems for a modern flight deck, FlyRealHUDs.com was formed.  And we are introducing the first of many Head-Up Displays for X-Plane and other simulators.   Our first series of HUDs are designed for Air Transport, Bizjet, Helicopter and Military operations.  And they fly and operate like a real HUD, plus they are now available in 32 & 64 Bit versions!

Full Fidelity Head-Up Displays

FlyRealHUDs.com has developed full fidelity and full function HUD display symbology that operate with X-Plane.  Our HUDs include all the functionality of a real Head Up Display, including a flight path vector, navigation, winds, upset recovery and instrument approach operations.   Now available are full function HUDs for Air Transport, Bizjet, Helicopter and Military aircraft.  Using our new HUD simulator, you can test your flying skills in simulated instrument conditions for a CAT I, II and CAT III approaches – even with Enhanced Vision Systems on your X-Plane simulator. Fly an approach into foggy Seattle or a night approach into John Wayne Airport, Beijing or London.  Test out the HUD display operation in a large transport, military aircraft, or your own regional carrier. Our Head-Up displays let you control the aircraft with precision through all the phases of flight, from takeoff, climb, enroute navigation and the final approach through landing.  And our X-Plane plugins let you select the HUD model you want for each flight. These applications support PC and MAC platforms.  Please contact FlyRealHUDs.com for custom solutions.